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Cape Cod Fish & Game Association

Rules and Regulations


  1. No non-member may use club property without being accompanied by a club member in good standing.
  2. Any Member using the facility indoors or outdoors is responsible for cleaning the area they use. A fee will be assessed to any violation of this rule.  Non-payment of this accessed fee will lead to expulsion from the club. 
  3. No one is allowed use of the clubhouse for any gathering or function without a prior vote of the Board of Directors and payment of the established fee.
  4. No one shall use the facilities of the club for economic gain without prior vote of the Board of Directors on a per use basis.  In the case of Firearms Instruction, proof of insurance and payment of a fee to be determined by the Board of Directors shall be submitted yearly.
  5. During any organized range function, it shall be the responsibility of the committee member in charge to determine the suitability of any participant. Basic Range Safety shall be reviewed.  A new shooter briefing shall be the responsibility of the committee member in charge.  Any person violating standard safety rules shall be dealt with by that person being removed from the field until proper training has been received and verified.
  6. Any person using the Rifle or Pistol Range in any unsafe manner, shall be removed from the range, their key to the property confiscated and their appearance required in front of the Board of Directors to show just cause why they should not be expelled from the club.  Unsafe conduct on the range includes but is not limited to:
    1. Ground shooting
    2. Shooting objects not meant to be sporting targets
    3. Shooting targets not positioned in front of the traps. Shots are to be directed such that the bullets will land in the bullet traps.
    4. 50 caliber high powered rifles are not allowed. The ranges are not designed for these high powered weapons.  50 caliber Black powder weapons are allowed.
    5. Shooting in an unsafe direction or pointing a loaded firearm in an unsafe direction.
    6. Not following the basic rules of firearm safety.
  7. Any person using the Trap, Rifle or Pistol ranges must be qualified to do so as per Massachusetts General Law governing firearms.
  8. Anyone using any range does so knowing that the use of firearms is an inherently dangerous activity and releases the club from any liability associated with this use.
  9. Anyone using the pond on the property does so under his or her own risk and accepts all liabilities associated with that use.
  10. The Cape Cod Fish and Game Association shall supply no boats for use on the pond.  Any person using a boat for recreation or fishing does so at their own risk and without the consent of the Board of Directors.




The following Range Rules were adopted by the Board of Directors of the Cape Cod Fish & Game Association.

Range Rules


  • Safe firearms practices must be followed at all time.
  • Persons using the ranges, do so at their own risk
  • Loaded Firearms must be pointed down range at all times.
  • Persons using the ranges must comply with all State and Federal regulations.
  • All Firearms on the firing line are to be unloaded if people are downrange setting targets.
  • Firing on the ranges is to be done in a manner that will land the bullet in the bullet traps. – no exceptions. No Ground shooting.
  • There will be no firing into the banks or berms
  • There will be no firing at wooden target supports or wooden bollards at the bullet traps.
  • Shotguns are not be used on the pistol range. Shotguns are not to be used to blow large holes in the homosote backboards. Pattern your shotgun on the trap range. Blowing the homosote target backboards apart does nothing more than increase the cost of our operation.
  • There will be no fully automatic firearms use on any range, by anyone, at any time. Any usage or modification of a firearm to discharge more than once per trigger pull is forbidden. This includes Bump Firing and the use of Slide Fire devices.
  • No use of any type or brand of explosive target is permitted.
  • There will be no shotgun or rifle (larger than 22 caliber) use on the pistol range.
  • There will be no 50 caliber (or larger) rifles used anywhere on the property at any time, except black powder rifles may be used on the rifle range only.
  • Members are responsible for the actions of their invited guests.
  • If you use the ranges, it is expected that you will clean-up after yourself---this means pick up your targets, trash and brass and dispose of properly in the dumpster or brass barrel.
  • Anyone that observes unsafe practices, or malicious damage being done on the range should report it to the Board.
  • Members and their invited guests that do not follow range rules and demonstrate proper gun safety, will be expelled from the club.


We, the members of the Board, believe that these rules should be very clear. If there is any confusion, at all, please feel free to ask any Board member for a clarification. We will not tolerate abuse of the range or unsafe acts on the range.


Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Cape Cod Fish & Game Association

Board of Directors






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