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Trap and Fame’s Favored Few....

Trap & Fame’s Favored Few…where did that name come from??

Bob Preston

As we look forward to spring, warmer weather and the upcoming ATA season of trap shooting, several members have inquired as to how the name Fame’s Favored Few came to be. Here is the official story.


Back in the fall of 2003, I had just begun shooting trap here on the Cape Cod Fish & Game shotgun range. I was no beginner to the sport. In fact, most of my shooting experience has centered around shotguns. Now shooting at both the Hanson Rod and Gun as well as here at our club I was now into the sport more than ever before.  It was here at Cape Cod Fish & Game that I was invited to join our club trap shooters and participate in some of the various regional Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) events. 


In early 2004 I began writing the monthly newsletter for Cape Cod Fish & Game. At that time I was also writing the newsletter for the Hanson club. During my time at Hanson I had coined the name of my fellow club trap shooters as the “World Famous Hanson Claybusters.”  At some point my wife, Joanne, asked me “what are you going to call your group of Cape Cod trap shooting friends?” I felt the need to create a group name that would fit our collection of our somewhat vagabond Cape Cod shooters as we traveled from events here in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York and in some cases far beyond.

At this point in the story lets turn the clock back from 2003 to 1943.  At that time World War II was at its peak. To break the German war effort the Allies targeted their daylight bombing efforts on many enemy-manufacturing plants. The B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft was one of the Eighth Airforce’s principle delivery vehicles of the thousands of tons of explosive munitions that were dropped on these enemy targets. Our story picks up here with the 92nd Bomb Group and the 407th Bomb Squadron.  The 92nd was officially known as “Fame’s Favored Few.” They are the true owners of this moniker! Their motto was to fly “higher, stronger and faster and all the while to look evil straight in the eye and never blink!”


In 1943, my Uncle, Sgt. Ronald F. Preston, aged 21, joined the Army Air Corp. and was sent for training at Laredo Texas.  After training he was eventually assigned to the 407th Bomb Squadron at Podington Air Base in England. Ronald’s job was that of the ball turret gunner of a Flying Fortress with the nickname “Fertile Myrtle Turtle.” A number of successful missions were carried out by Sgt. Preston and his colleagues however on January 29th, 1944, while on a bombing raid over Frankfurt Germany disaster struck. The plane took flack while over target and was crippled.  While over Northern France, near the Belgium border, they were further attacked by German Luftwaffe forces.  With eight of the crew, including Ronald now dead, the remaining two waste gunners parachuted to safety. The plane crash-landed in Genech France.  It should be noted here that over 700 bombers of the Eighth Air Force took off for Frankfurt that morning; the Fertile Myrtle Turtle was the only aircraft lost from the 407th.


In January of 1994, Joanne and traveled to Genech France and were able to visit this crash site exactly 50 years to the very moment that this overhead drama had taken place during the war. It is in this informal tribute to these American aviators that back in 2004, then some 60 years after the attack on this crew, that I nicknamed our club’s trap shooting team “Fame’s Favored Few.” 


In closing, good luck to all my fellow Cape Cod Fish & Game Association trap shooters this season. I am not sure how much evil we encounter on the trap range however may we all break our targets “higher, stronger and faster.”




…Speaking of the Board of Directors:

All members and their guests are asked to take note of the new signage being posted to each club shooting range. These regulations govern the safe firearm usage of each facility. Members are hereby reminded that they are individually responsible for the proper conduct of both themselves as well as their guests. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE REGULATIONS WILL RESULT IN THE POSSIBLE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB MEMBERSHIP.




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